Medicine by Design’s Team Project Awards support multi-disciplinary, multi-institution research teams. Projects include research into fundamental questions in regenerative medicine, innovations that are expected to be ready for clinical trials within a few years and enabling technologies that have the potential to accelerate discoveries across the field.

outline of the human body surrounded by organs

Funded projects

In the first round of these awards (2016-2019), 19 research teams composed of more than 75 researchers and clinicians from diverse disciplines across the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals received a total of $27 million. The second round of awards (2019-2022) is providing nearly $21 million to 12 research teams.


  • Molly Shoichet

Better outcomes in treating blindness

An interdisciplinary team of scientists, funded by Medicine by Design, aims to use retinal stem cells to restore vision.  

  • Photo of Michael Laflamme

Using stem cells to prevent heart failure

Medicine by Design-funded research team says the new treatment approach is not far from clinical trials. This is one of the ways Medicine by Design is transforming human health.