The following trainees received 2020 Post-Doctoral Fellowship Awards:

Deciphering hypoxic reprogramming of macrophages/fibroblasts interaction in the context of fibrosis

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Simon Latour
Alison McGuigan Lab, Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto

Novel engineered multi-lineage assembloids to investigate the reciprocal effects of microglia brain integration on human microglial and brain development

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Ai Tian
Julien Muffat Lab, Program in Neurosciences and Mental Health, The Hospital for Sick Children

Investigation of the therapeutic potential of Lyve-1+macrophages in abdominal aortic aneurysm

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Antigona Ulndreaj
John Byrne Lab, Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto

Precise 3D tissue stiffness mapping via the development of a high-resolution, non-invasive elastography method

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Min Zhu
Sevan Hopyan Lab, Department of Development & Stem Cell Biology, The Hospital for Sick Children