Medicine by Design Award Process

Medicine by Design awards funding to outstanding regenerative medicine projects at the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals through a strategic and rigorous peer-reviewed process. Projects range from early-stage research to the development of products and technologies that are ready for clinical trials. Competitions involve external reviewers from a range of relevant disciplines including our Scientific Advisory Board, made up of international leaders in regenerative medicine, and our Executive Committee, composed of deans and vice-presidents of research from participating institutions.

Team Project Awards

Medicine by Design’s Team Project Awards support multi-disciplinary, multi-institution research teams that are finding solutions to key challenges in regenerative medicine. Projects include research into fundamental questions in regenerative medicine, innovations that are expected to be ready for clinical trials within a few years and enabling technologies that have the potential to accelerate discoveries across the field.

In the first round of these awards (2016-2019), 19 research teams composed of more than 75 researchers and clinicians from diverse disciplines across the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals received a total of $27 million. The second round of awards (2019-2022) is providing nearly $21 million to 12 research teams.

Grand Questions Program

The Grand Questions Program aims to change the future of regenerative medicine through research that addresses some of the field’s biggest unanswered questions.

Pivotal Experiment Fund

The Pivotal Experiment Fund is a strategic and competitive program intended to advance translation of Medicine by Design’s team projects portfolio.

New Ideas Awards

New Ideas Awards support projects at the discovery level in stem cell and regenerative medicine research with the goal of fostering cutting-edge research in stem cell biology and/or technology. Learn about the projects we have funded:

2020 New Ideas and Seed Fund awards
2019 New Ideas and Seed Fund awards
2018 New Ideas Awards
2017 New Ideas Awards
2017 New Ideas Awards (co-funded by the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine)
2016 New Ideas Awards
2015 New Ideas Awards (co-funded by the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine)


Medicine by Design funds projects that align with its research priorities through the EMHSeed program. EMHSeed supports pairs of co-principal investigators — one from the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering and and one from the Faculty of Medicine/a hospital research institute — to build collaborative projects that advance the health sciences.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship Awards

These awards support high-calibre post-doctoral fellows at University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals with outstanding potential to become independent researchers in the stem cell and regenerative medicine fields.

Trainee Support

Medicine by Design invests in the next generation of regenerative medicine researchers by providing awards to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to attend conferences and workshops. Medicine by Design support has allowed trainees to attend the following events:

2017 International Society for Stem Cell Research annual meeting
The 2016 Till & McCulloch Meetings in Whistler, B.C. (See the list of 24 award recipients and read about their conference experience.)
Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine Science Communication Workshop (November 2016)