Medicine by Design supports scientific discussion groups that disseminate knowledge across laboratories, departments and institutions and create new connections across the community.

Discussion groups are open to investigators, trainees and staff at the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals. Registration is required. The following discussion groups are currently meeting:

Toronto Longevity Research Circle

In recent years, the longevity and aging biology field has seen a significant expansion in both academia and industry. As the field continues to grow, attracting and retaining young talent with diverse backgrounds and interests will be critical for overcoming research bottlenecks. The Toronto Longevity Research Circle’s (TLRC) mission is to inspire interest and facilitate thoughtful discourse on aging and longevity research. In our journal club, we dissect peer-reviewed research literature while reviewing important scientific background concepts. Topics we explore include cell state reprogramming, tissue engineering and rejuvenation, drug discovery, and molecular mechanisms of aging.

To join this group, please email the organizers.

Myogenesis Discussion Group

Usually held last Monday of the month
The study of myology (skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscle structure, function and development) has wide-ranging importance in the field of regenerative medicine. Skeletal muscle is the most abundant tissue in the human body and cardiac muscle is required to circulate blood throughout it. Furthermore, smooth muscle is present in the walls of hollow organs and the vasculature system, making these tissues critical for normal physiological function. The goal of this discussion group is to explore models of development, disease and regeneration in muscle tissues, as well as potential therapeutic approaches. Within this, we aim to discuss novel techniques to quantitatively measure all aspects of myology and the challenges associated with developing representative models for these complex tissues.

To join this group, please email the organizers.

Adipose Biology Seminar Series

Usually held on the last Tuesday of the month
The adipose tissue is an organ widely distributed throughout the body, and it is involved in a large variety of medical conditions and metabolic disorders. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in adipose tissue biology research, both internationally and locally, in different departments and institutes. This seminar series serves to facilitate discussion and foster collaborations between PIs and trainees with an interest in adipose tissue research in the Toronto region and beyond. The Adipose Biology Seminar Series is an online monthly meeting in which PIs and trainees will present and discuss novel data pertinent to adipose tissue biology. We aim to host speakers from diverse research foci such as obesity, diabetes, cancer and trauma to provide an opportunity to learn about exciting new developments in the field and build connections within a local network. If you are interested in showcasing your work and ideas to the adipose research community, please contact the meeting organizers.

To join this group, please email the organizer.

Modelling Cell Development & Regeneration Discussion Group

Usually held on the third Monday of the month
The goal of this discussion group is to build a community; explore current models in cell development and regeneration; and discuss challenges, emerging questions and solutions relating to modelling cell development and regeneration.

To join this group, please email the organizer.

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