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The Pivotal Experiment Fund (PEF) is a strategic and competitive program intended to advance translation of Medicine by Design’s team projects portfolio. The PEF aims to build a robust, pre-clinical pipeline of regenerative medicine-based therapies, enabling technologies and ventures that have strong potential for clinical, socio-economic and/or commercial impact. Medicine by Design will invest up to $3 million in the PEF.

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About the Pivotal Experiment Fund

The PEF will bridge a critical gap within the innovation ecosystem by supporting early-stage regenerative medicine research discoveries to a point where follow-on investment from third parties is attractive. A pivotal experiment is one that enables a “go/no go” decision on the merits of a product concept based on outcomes that drive a value inflection in the development plan. The PEF is a strategic and competitive program intended to advance translation of select Medicine by Design team (Cycle 2) projects.

The PEF will

  • Provide project funding of up to $250,000 over 6 to 12 months. In exceptional cases, consideration may be given to a larger investment, subject to discussions with Medicine by Design during the proposal development process.
  • Support the generation of pivotal proof-of-concept and/or validation data, enabling the first steps towards demonstrating therapeutic potential and/or technological utility.
  • Support projects that are defined by clear, milestone-driven (clear go/no go) decision points over a 6 to 12 months period.
  • Encourage projects that leverage co-investment from ecosystem partners and programs (e.g. Connaught Innovation Award, UHN Innovation Acceleration Fund, CCRM, TIAP/LAB150, industry partners, etc.).

Project activities can include but are not limited to:

  • Generation of preclinical, pivotal in vivo efficacy and/or proof-of-concept data.
  • Demonstration of a technology for a regenerative medicine application.
  • Critical, pivotal experiments to support the early stages of target validation.
  • Drug screening on a validated target.
  • Demonstrating feasibility of cell manufacturing scale-up.

Investment Review Committee

Bharat Srinivasa

Co-Founder and Principal, Amplitude Ventures
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Glenn Maclean

Director, Technology and Venture Development, CCRM

Jacques Sayegh

CEO and Managing Partner, Samuel Capital Partners
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Jamie Stiff

Managing Director, Genesys Capital
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Matthew Mistry

Market and Equity Analyst, CCRM Enterprises Inc.
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Parimal Nathwani

CEO, Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners (TIAP)
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How to apply

Please note: Applications are currently not being accepted, as the latest round of funding has been awarded. Dates for future funding rounds are TBD. Contact awards.mbd@utoronto.ca with any questions.

Application documents can be found at the links below:

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