Medicine by Design symposium to celebrate systems approaches in advancing regenerative medicine and health innovation

The 6th Annual Symposium on Dec. 9 and 10 will feature renowned experts to explore cutting-edge concepts in health research and innovation.

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Medicine by Design partners with the Ajmera Transplant Centre to translate the next generation of regenerative medicine therapies to the clinic

Regen Med in the Clinic, a new partnership between the Ajmera Transplant Centre and Medicine by Design, aims to create linkages between clinicians and scientists & engineers.

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Mapping out the mystery of blood stem cells

Using state-of-the art sequencing technology, Medicine by Design-funded scientists have revealed how stem cells are able to generate new blood cells throughout our life, and how these same cellular mechanisms can evade chemotherapy to survive and cause relapse many years later.

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Medicine by Design-funded team uses stem cells to grow functional blood vessel cells found in the liver

Discovery to provide insights into liver development and disease progression

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