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Medicine by Design partners with the Ajmera Transplant Centre to translate the next generation of regenerative medicine therapies to the clinic

Regen Med in the Clinic, a new partnership between the Ajmera Transplant Centre and Medicine by Design, aims to create linkages between clinicians and scientists & engineers.

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Medicine by Design’s Pivotal Experiment Fund invests $1 million in four research teams to bridge the “valley of death” funding gap

Funding gives cutting-edge regenerative medicine concepts impacting heart disease, lung transplantation, degenerative brain disease and end-stage liver disease a pathway to clinical translation.

Medicine by Design and OIRM invest $1.2 million in technologies and research to advance innovation in regenerative medicine

Twelve targeted projects and two post-doctoral fellowships that are expanding the frontiers of stem cell research will share $1.2 million in funding thanks to programs supported jointly by the University of Toronto’s Medicine by Design initiative and the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

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