New research shows diabetes drug could provide brain protection to children who get radiation for brain tumours

Thanks to funding from Medicine by Design, a University of Toronto scientist and her team are closer to finding a way to protect the brain from damage for children who must be treated with cranial radiation.

Workshop series aims to foster healthy environments and inclusion in Medicine by Design labs

Investigators and trainees from Medicine by Design-funded labs are invited to participate in workshops focused on fostering lab environments that support the inclusion and well-being of all members.

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Medicine by Design-funded foundational technology grows into biotech success story: Notch Therapeutics closes an $85 million Series A financing

Medicine by Design-funded research program that aims to generate next-generation immunomodulation therapies has seeded a Canadian biotechnology success story with the closing of an $85-million (U.S.) Series A financing.

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Pivotal Experiment Fund to accelerate Medicine by Design-funded research toward impact

Medicine by Design's $4-million Pivotal Experiment Fund aims to bridge one of the critical gaps in the “valley of death” between a research discovery and a translatable therapy.

Building a Biotech Venture to help Medicine by Design trainees take first steps toward entrepreneurship

New partnership with Health Innovation Hub offers a focused workshop, expert mentoring, and pitch competition with up to $25,000 in funding on offer to further develop product or venture

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People of Medicine by Design: Dr. Phyllis Billia

"I’m really interested in understanding why and how the heart fails, and how we can help the heart to regenerate itself. As a cardiologist who looks after patients with end-stage heart failure waiting for heart transplants and mechanical hearts, it’s really important to me to think outside the box about these questions."

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Medicine by Design symposium highlights importance of convergence in advancing regenerative medicine and human health

Medicine by Design’s 5th Annual Symposium on Dec. 7 and 8 attracted more than 500 registrants from across North America, and focused on the theme of better science through convergence – the integration of approaches from engineering, science, medicine and other fields to expand knowledge and spark innovation.  

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Mapping out the mystery of blood stem cells

Using state-of-the art sequencing technology, Medicine by Design-funded scientists have revealed how stem cells are able to generate new blood cells throughout our life, and how these same cellular mechanisms can evade chemotherapy to survive and cause relapse many years later.

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Medicine by Design-funded researchers develop a new tool for scooping contents of individual cells from their local environment

Scientists can now select individual cells from their local environment & study their molecular contents. The new tool will enable a deeper study of stem cells and other rare cell types for diagnostics & therapy.

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Medicine by Design executive director profiled in Banting and Best Diabetes Centre story

The Banting and Best Diabetes Centre, University of Toronto (U of T), has published a profile honouring the work of Medicine by Design Executive Director Michael Sefton, who is also a University Professor at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto (U of T).

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Medicine by Design seeds two strategic projects: An international partnership with the University of Cambridge and a new forum that will foster collaboration between clinicians, scientists and industry

$300,000 investment will accelerate new therapies and create new research tools.

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