Medicine by Design symposium to celebrate systems approaches in advancing regenerative medicine and health innovation

The 6th Annual Symposium on Dec. 9 and 10 will feature renowned experts to explore cutting-edge concepts in health research and innovation.

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Medicine by Design-funded researchers generate cells that will impact treatments for bile duct disorders as a result of cystic fibrosis

Newly-generated cells may lead to a deeper understanding of bile duct disease and be a powerful tool for finding new treatments.

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First Medicine by Design entrepreneur-in-residence to help accelerate research discoveries into therapies for patients

Entrepreneur-in-residence to work on bridging the gap between foundational research funded by Medicine by Design and the creation of products or ventures that will impact human health. 

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New Medicine by Design-funded method for testing muscle repair in a dish to impact development of stem cell-based therapies

Scientists at the University of Toronto have discovered a novel way to test self-repair of skeletal muscle, a method with the potential to accelerate treatments for diseases like muscular dystrophy.

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Medicine by Design-funded research finds transplanting insulin-producing cells with blood vessels may help reverse diabetes

Researchers have engineered a new method to improve the survival and potency of cell transplants to treat diabetes.

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Medicine by Design partners with the Ajmera Transplant Centre to translate the next generation of regenerative medicine therapies to the clinic

Regen Med in the Clinic, a new partnership between the Ajmera Transplant Centre and Medicine by Design, aims to create linkages between clinicians and scientists & engineers.

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Medicine by Design’s Pivotal Experiment Fund invests $1 million in four research teams to bridge the “valley of death” funding gap

Funding gives cutting-edge regenerative medicine concepts impacting heart disease, lung transplantation, degenerative brain disease and end-stage liver disease a pathway to clinical translation.

Medicine by Design-funded research uncovers important gap in knowledge of tissue development

Computational biology study found two fundamental mechanisms involved in the cell play important roles and may help better control cells used in regenerative medicine applications

PRiME and Medicine By Design co-host the Cell and Gene Therapies Innovations Showcase

Over the past two weeks, PRiME partnered with Medicine by Design to host a virtual Cell and Gene Therapies Innovation Showcase, highlighting novel strategies and enabling technologies poised to advance the field.

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Three regenerative medicine experts join the Medicine by Design community through the New Investigators program

Three investigators join a cohort of 15 faculty members who have been supported by Medicine by Design’s New Investigators program.

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