Medicine by Design invests $1 million in Convergent Working Group projects to integrate new strands of inquiry and expand its community across sectors

Six new projects will focus on equity, commercialization policy, new regenerative medicine applications and more

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Teams focused on cell therapy and diagnostics win first and second place at the Building a Biotech Venture Pitch Competition

Myoxa Therapeutics and Specifix Dx win the Building a Biotech Venture Pitch Competition

Medicine by Design to be flagship partner in a state-of-the-art training program for next generation regenerative medicine leaders

New program to offer broad training in regenerative medicine including the integration of Medicine by Design's entrepreneurship and commercialization programs.

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Convergent Working Groups bring new voices to Medicine by Design to explore ideas and opportunities in regenerative medicine

New initiative to include social scientists, policy experts, industry leaders, patients and others

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Summer by Design gives PhD students and post-doctoral fellows a foundation in the business of regenerative medicine 

Research trainees from around the world are encouraged to apply by Jan. 23, 2023

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