Synthetic Biology Discussion Group

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Keith Pardee, an assistant professor at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, will give a talk on “Cell-free Synthetic Biology:  Rapid, Low-cost Tools for Human Health.”

This group is open to investigators, trainees and staff affiliated with the University of Toronto. To sign up and received information about upcoming meetings, please contact Laura Prochazka.

Talk Abstract

We see cell-free technologies as important tools in meeting challenges that face health care systems at home and abroad.  As we have demonstrated, cell-free hosting of diagnostics and drug manufacturing offers a paradigm shift in how health care systems can adapt rapidly to public health needs, provide emergency response and extend lab-grade molecular capabilities into virtually any environment.  Such applications are enabled by freeze-dried cell-free (FD-CF) enzymes that are sterile yet retain the properties of cellular transcription and translation for deploying poised molecular components to the field. 

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