Synthetic Biology Discussion Group

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Christian Euler, a PhD candidate in the laboratory of Professor Krishna Mahadevan, will give a talk on “Reverse and Forward Engineering: Modelling Real and Synthetic Systems”. 

This group is open to investigators, trainees and staff affiliated with the University of Toronto. To sign up to get more information on upcoming discussion groups, please contact Laura Prochazka.


One of the goals of synthetic biology is to recapitulate the dynamics of known biological systems. Modelling these circuits is essential to both explaining how they work and informing the forward design of novel systems with desired dynamic responses to signal inputs. Beyond this, new dynamic responses may be possible with the rational, model-driven repurposing of biological parts. In this tutorial, the basic steps of dynamic modelling will be presented along with several resources to assist you in further exploring model-based design in your synthetic system. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

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