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Join us on March 29 for the launch of Careers by Design: Building a Professional Development BlueprintOrganized by Medicine by Design’s Healthy and Inclusive Labs Committee.

This new workshop series aims to foster healthy lab environments that support the inclusion and well-being of all members, while empowering graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and research/scientific associates to realize their academic and professional goals.

Workshop #1: Optimizing Research Productivity and Professional Development 

Explore and learn how to use the IDP at our first workshop on Monday, March 29, from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. We encourage graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research/scientific associates and principal investigators from past or current Medicine by Design-funded labs to join us for this first session.  

*Once registered please become familiar and/or fill out the Science Careers IDP to prepare for the first worskhop. A resource video can be found here on how to fill it out.

This series will support the introduction of the Individual Development Plan (IDP), created by the Healthy and Inclusive Labs Committee as a tool to support trainee well-being and success. Medicine by Design encourages all labs in our community to adopt this tool, which facilitates open and ongoing conversations between trainees and supervisors about goalsexpectations and professional developmentLearn more about the IDP 

All workshops will be led by Nana LeePhD, Director, Graduate Professional Development & Mentorship, and Assistant Professor in the departments of Biochemistry & Immunology at the University of Toronto (U of T) .  

If you have any immediate questions regarding this program, please contact us at (

Workshop schedule:

  • Workshop 1: Monday, March 29
    Individual Development Plans Intro – Optimizing Research Productivity and Professional Development
    At the end of this workshop, both faculty and mentees (students and postdocs) will have an understanding of how to effectively use the AAAS individual development plan to plan SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals in research productivity and career development while using the tool for optimal mentorship. 
  • Workshop 2: Monday, April 26
    Discussion on Individual Development Plans
    Learners will be given peer and instructor-led feedback on best avenues to attain their SMART goals and an overview of the multiple career options available for them. 
  • Workshop 3: Monday, May 31
    Meaningful Engagement
    Participants will gain an understanding of introductory design-thinking principles to brainstorm their wayfinding purpose compass around what they love, are good at and care about. We will also discuss specific action items for learners to help make their dream purpose a reality. 
  • Workshop 4: Monday, June 28
    At the end of this workshop, trainees will understand the difference between an academic and non-academic job application (CV vs resume), how to write the stellar cover letter, and gain tips on interviewing and a LinkedIn presence.
  • Workshop 5: Monday, July 26
    Wellness and Equity Diversity and Inclusion in Professional and Career Development
    The goal of this workshop is to introduce or re-emphasize the concepts of an equity-minded scholar, allyship and wellness issues and how to bring these concepts into daily practice as a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow or faculty member towards any career. 
  • Workshop 6: Monday, August 30
    Implementation/Feedback on Job Applications
    At the end of this workshop, trainees will receive peer feedback (guided by the instructor) on their job applications to any career of their choice and a big picture review of workshops I-IV to strategically move forward in their professional and career development.

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