Introduction to Single Cell and Spatial Technologies webinar

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In this webinar, Adriana Suarez from 10x Genomics will discuss the following:
-Introduction to single cell and spatial technologies (with a focus on 10x Genomics).
-Overview of experimental workflows for single cell and spatial analyses.
-Utility of single cell and spatial technologies to advance stem cell biology, developmental biology and regenerative medicine with examples on heart development, lung atlas, immunotherapy, induced pluripotency and more.

This webinar is for investigators, research/scientific associates, trainees and lab technicians at the University of Toronto and its affiliated hospitals. Registration is required. The session will be offered via Zoom webinar.

About single cell and spatial technologies
The vast complexities of biology require approaches to build a complete picture, starting from single cells to tissues and beyond. Single cell and spatial technologies enable researchers to resolve highly complex biological systems, while bringing into focus the details that matter most.

Registration for this webinar is now full. Thank you for your interest.

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