Careers Beyond Academia – Ursula Nosi and Shivali Joshi

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Ursula Nosi, PhD – Scientist I – Process Development, BlueRock Therapeutics
Shivali Joshi, PhD – Development Manager, OmniaBio

Careers Beyond Academia

“What are you doing after you graduate?” This is one of the biggest questions facing trainees in the life sciences. Stem Cell Network (SCN) and Medicine by Design have partnered to host Careers Beyond Academia, a virtual career seminar series that will profile a wide variety of different careers available to trainees who hold a degree in the life sciences. The goal of the series is to help trainees understand the different careers available outside of academia, the skills required for certain positions, and some of the daily functions of those positions.

Each session will feature two speaker presentations that will be recorded and available on SCN’s website and YouTube channel. Trainees will be able to participate in a joint Q&A and panel discussion during the session. View previous recordings of Careers Beyond Academia here.

Who Should Attend?

Attendees should be research trainees‡ who are interested in hearing from professionals working in the life sciences industry and are planning their future career development. Emphasis will be on careers available after a graduate degree (MSc or PhD) in the life sciences, and particularly in stem cells/regenerative medicine where possible.

‡ A research trainee is a graduate student, post-doc, research associate and/or technician currently working a Canadian lab.

Learning Objectives:

  • Help trainees understand different careers available outside of academia, what skills are required for those positions, and what the daily functions of those positions would typically be
  • Expose candidates to careers that they might not have previously considered as typical careers in the life sciences

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