Research team harnesses engineering, biology and medicine in effort to stimulate muscle to fix itself

Project explores whether a novel biomaterial scaffold can coax stem cells that are already present in the muscle to spring into action to heal traumatic injuries.

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Summer by Design draws emerging regenerative medicine leaders from around the world to U of T

This month-long series of workshops, lab sessions, tours and conferences aims to advance knowledge and skills required to commercialize new therapies.

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Medicine by Design pushes frontiers of stem cell research with $1.8 million investment in new tools and devices and in emerging researchers

Six innovative projects investigating the application of new tools and devices to regenerative medicine and four outstanding post-doctoral fellows receive awards.

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Medicine by Design and OIRM invest $1.2 million in technologies and research to advance innovation in regenerative medicine

Twelve targeted projects and two post-doctoral fellowships that are expanding the frontiers of stem cell research will share $1.2 million in funding thanks to programs supported jointly by the University of Toronto’s Medicine by Design initiative and the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

Tissue culture platform could offer new insights into Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Penney Gilbert hopes to gain new insights into Duchenne muscular dystrophy using a new, three-dimensional tissue culture platform that can grow innervated human muscle in the lab more quickly and efficiently than previous methods.

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