Medicine by Design pushes frontiers of stem cell research with $1.8 million investment in new tools and devices and in emerging researchers

Six innovative projects investigating the application of new tools and devices to regenerative medicine and four outstanding post-doctoral fellows receive awards.

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Medicine by Design and OIRM invest $1.2 million in technologies and research to advance innovation in regenerative medicine

Twelve targeted projects and two post-doctoral fellowships that are expanding the frontiers of stem cell research will share $1.2 million in funding thanks to programs supported jointly by the University of Toronto’s Medicine by Design initiative and the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

Tissue culture platform could offer new insights into Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Penney Gilbert hopes to gain new insights into Duchenne muscular dystrophy using a new, three-dimensional tissue culture platform that can grow innervated human muscle in the lab more quickly and efficiently than previous methods.

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U of T research helps pave the way for an off-the-shelf supply of cells for immunotherapy

Researchers from Peter Zandstra's lab have developed new technologies that clear key barriers to developing a renewable source of cells for therapies.

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Medicine by Design joins regenerative medicine leaders across Canada to form new alliance

Medicine by Design has joined stem cell and regenerative medicine leaders across the country to create the Regenerative Medicine Alliance of Canada, an organization that will support strategic activity and collaboration across the field.

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Medicine by Design partners with XOR, BlueRock to accelerate clinical and commercial programs

A technology that could increase the number of lungs available for transplantation and a stem-cell based treatment that has the potential to reverse heart failure are both a step closer to reality after winning Medicine by Design Clinical Translation and Commercialization Awards.

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Gut-on-a-chip offers new way to study intestinal diseases and test treatments

A thumb-sized silicone polymer chip that can mimic the complexity of the human gut may hold the key to understanding inflammatory bowel disease and offer better ways to test new drugs, a University of Texas at Austin researcher said at the inaugural Medicine by Design Speaker Series talk.

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Medicine by Design symposium shines spotlight on regenerative medicine at U of T

More than 250 researchers, students, and government and industry partners gathered for the inaugural Medicine by Design symposium on Nov. 28 to share research aimed at harnessing stem cells to treat conditions such as heart failure, liver disease and blindness.

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