Head shot of Nika Shakiba, a PhD candidate who has won a Medicine by Design Travel Award to present her research at the 2017 Till & McCulloch Meetings. Medicine by Design Team Project icon Summer by Design participants travel to a workshop on 3D bioprinting hosted by Professor Axel Guenther in the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering. From left to right, Azuma Kimura (Kyoto University), Ernest Tan (National University of Singapore), Johannes Lehmann (Hannover Medical School, Germany) and Fulya Ustunkan Yucel (National University of Singapore). Photo of Michael Sefton, new executive director of Medicine by Design Team Projects icon Carol Schuurmans in her laboratory Head shot of Laura Prochazka Head shot of Giles Santyr, a senior scientist at SickKids Research Institute and professor in U of T`s Department of Medical Biophysics An MRI image of the lungs with inhaled hyperpolarized xenon gas. Microscope image of human pluripotent stem cell-derived motor neuron clusters.